We have a climate plan that New Zealand can be proud of.

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Our climate plan will protect the things that are #WorthSaving.

Climate change threatens the things we care about, and those things are #WorthSaving. The Green Party have a strong and ambitious plan that would make New Zealand carbon-free by the time today’s children are starting their own families. Once in government, the Greens would:

Cleaner Transport

Invest in more efficient bus and train services, creating more liveable cities.

Photo credit: Neal Jennings

Cleaner Energy

Stop oil drilling off our coasts and encourage more solar, wind and geothermal energy.

More Forests

Incentivise land-owners to plant more carbon-absorbing trees.

A price on Carbon

Put a fair price on carbon pollution and return the revenue to households as a tax cut.

Photo credit: Brent Danley
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These things will all be affected by climate change, and we think they are #WorthSaving

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