We have a plan that would make New Zealand carbon-free by the time today’s children are starting their own families. Once in government, the Greens would:


We may be small but what we do in NZ matters. Right now we're the fifth most climate polluting country per person in the developed world.
We know we can do better.



1. Our per person pollution is embarrassing

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recently given New Zealand a poor mark for the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we produce, not only per person, but also compared to our economic output.


2. Our pledge to reduce our pollution is pathetically low

Right now, New Zealand is being heavily criticised by other countries for bludging on our climate change commitments. We have been likened to a drinking buddy who isn’t paying their share of the bar tab.


3. Unlike other countries, we have no plan.

Not only do we have among the highest greenhouse gas emissions per person. The Government actually has no plan at all for how we will reduce the pollution that is harming us and people in other countries.




Our new climate plan shows how, with a bit more vision and Kiwi ingenuity, we can reduce our greenhouse pollution by a respectable 40%.


The emissions reductions necessary for us to meet our 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 could come from:


Piegraph showing where emissions reductions could come from


Five things the Government can do to cut our carbon pollution

What our Government can do to achieve a bold climate target

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