Fasting for the Climate

I and many others here at COP21 fasted today. Why go hungry?

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Day 1: New Zealand Wins an Award!

New Zealand’s first day in Paris was a real winner – literally. We are now the proud holders of the ‘Fossil of the Day’ award, which is given to countries who show the least amount of ambition that day.

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Paris – testing the climate, taunting the gods

The national leaders of the world – there are, strictly as yet, no world leaders – have assembled in Paris and offered their wisdom on how to save the climate of planet Earth from humans...

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DAY 2: Fasts, Forests, and Fossil Fuels

On Day 2 of COP21, around 10,000 people from more than 100 countries fasted in solidarity with those who are affected by climate change, as part of the ‘Fast for the Climate’ movement.

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DAY 3: Getting Prepared

The weather in Wellington is once again windy, rainy, and stormy – the perfect segue into discussing the COP theme of the day, resilience. Resilience can seem like jargon, but it actually describes a key aspect of adaptation – how countries and communities prepare themselves against the effects of climate change.

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Day 4: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Yesterday, the Green Party COP blogpost briefly addressed the disparity between how much countries contribute to climate change and how much they will suffer. At Day 4 of COP, this disparity became of a source of debate

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DAYS 5, 6, 7: Are We There Yet?

Well, we have a draft agreement – and while it’s still heavily bracketed, it is good to see the Parties able to come together and find some common ground. One Party we haven’t been able to see, however, is New Zealand.

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DAY 9: New Zealand, We Can Do Better

The big news of today is the release of Germanwatch and CAN Europe’s report, the Climate Change Performance Index 2016. Ranking 58 countries on aspects of climate policy, the report is yet more damning evidence of the National Government’s unwillingness to act effectively on climate change – we’ve dropped seven places in the last year...

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DAY 10: New Zealand Wins an Award… Again

It’s not every COP that we’re lucky enough to be awarded Fossil of the Day twice, but here we are. This time, we came in second place (along with the US and Canada) for something as simple as language – but at a conference where words and brackets are everything, this isn’t too surprising.

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DAY 11: Let’s Build a House

A new draft agreement was released this morning, with delegates given only two and a half hours to read it before they had to be on form and ready to debate its contents. Options are being whittled away, pages are being dropped, and the all-important language feels as impenetrable as ever.

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DAYS 12 & 13: The End and the Start

We have an agreement. And not just any agreement – an agreement with potential, full of hope for what the future can achieve, and with a clear directive to world governments telling them that they must step up on climate action. More than anything, the agreement is indicative of a change in political will, and an acknowledgement of the fact that the planet can – and must – reduce our emissions and ditch the fossil fuels.

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