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The economy is shifting towards solar and wind, not oil and coal – and our investments should go the same way.

Let’s join the surge in divestment pledges that has overtaken the financial sector, and turn away from risky fossil fuels.

Photo: Robert S. Donovan CC BY 2.0

They're a risky business

The people who manage our public funds – like ACC and the Superannuation Fund – currently have millions of your dollars still invested in dirty, risky, fossil fuels.

It's a lose-lose situation

Either the investments become worthless because people stop buying fossil fuels, or the investments make money at the expense of catastrophic climate change.

It's time for leadership

It’s time for New Zealand to follow the lead of over 400 major investment firms and government investment funds in places like New York City and Norway, and pull our public money out of fossil fuel investments.

Let's make the switch

Your money can be reinvested into rapidly growing renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

Put your name down and show you support divesting our public funds from fossil fuels.

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